We sink or we swim, together. On coule ou on nage, ensemble.

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Donations of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 are falling behind.


While Belgium and other countries are pushing 3rd "booster" doses, and considering

mandatory vaccination laws as will be implemented in Austria, the pandemic continues to rage.


If we don't implement and support methods to get those in poorer countries vaccinated,

with a little time, that behavior will become its own punishment. In the countries where more than

80% have been vaccinated, it souldn't just end there.


Do what you can. Do what you must.

But help to bring vaccines to the poor.


And it's not just the vaccines. It's the infrastructure that must be put in place to vaccinate

those who present to be vaccinated. Several sountries have already thrown away vaccines

because they don't have in place this infrastructure, and the vaccines reached expiration dates.


Support COVAX. Support Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.


Here is why Gavi has failed so far.


Don't let it be a beautiful idea and nothing more. That must stop. 


For your health and mine, as well as theirs.


We sink or swim together.




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