The Billy Plan Today - 5 Nov., 2020

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Just when things were going so well, this ...


JH CSSE - 5 November, 2020 at 12h25m - Daily Cases


Who needed this ?





Here is a gallery of several images, to get a more complete picture of today's numbers.



But in comparing this Thursday with last, overall new cases in Belgium were less today then last week. 

Comparing recent cases with those in March and April, well there is no comparison.

The government and its experts may have noticed that, but I can't say for sure.

Tous les jeudis - 5 nov



The number of inhabitants differs of course in Flanders, Brussels and Walloonia by region.

And what is counted as a "case" of course means a postive test for the virus.


So below, these figures inform that the number pf positive tests (or cases) in Walloonia, corrected for population differences, are 105% of those in Brussels, and 203% of those in Flanders.


Tests positifs corrigé pour la population régionale - 5 nov



Belgium today lost its lead to Czechia.

But that may be like the end of a bicycle race where those in the lead frequently change position before the final sprint.

Something like that.

But famous competitors like France, Netherlands, Spain and Italy, and the United Kingdom, are now far behind in the pack.



Dépassé dans le derniers sprint par la Tchechie - 5 nov


Hey wait a minute ...

These are not bicycles, they're sick people. Time to regain some control in reporting results.



BELGIUM - Deaths

Probably best summarized like this.


Deaths per million inhabitants - 5 Nov



Of these 14 cities, how many decreased or stayed the same in reported total cases? None.


Here are the numbers for yesterday and today...


Overall for the 14, more than a doubling of growth rate since yesterday.


14 villes - hier et ce jour - 5 nov

Closer to us ...

14 villes - Cas totaux par 1000 habitants - M, Sp, St, T-P - 5 nov

A little farther away ...

14 villes - Cas totaux par 1000 habitants - 5 nov


Five close neighbors ...


14 villes - Cas totaux par 1000 habitants - M, Sp, St, Stou, T-P - 5 nov


And for Stavelot, the last 10 days, Total Cases ...


Stavelot - Cas Totaux par ville - 5 nov



Stavelot, 10 days, Total Cases per 1000 inhabitants ...



Stavelot - Cas Totaux par mille habitants - 5 nov


And today you are in luck ...








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