The Billy Plan Today - 30 Oct. 2020 - Bad News for Stavelot

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Today's values for the local towns we've been presenting


14 villes hier et ce jour - 30 oct


Cas totaux par mille habitants - 30 oct



Cas totaux par mille habitants - M,Sp,St,Stou,T-P -10 derniers jours - 30 oct



Results for Stavelot today, and since 20 April ...


Stavelot - Cas Totaux - 30 oct




Stavelot - Cas par mille habitants - 30 oct



And some difficult times at the Nursing Home in Stavelot.


And a call to the Army : moving from Idea to Action  (as suggested yesterday).


L\\\'Armée pour la maison de repos - 30 oct




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