The Billy Plan Today - 29 Oct. 2020 - Cases Still Progressing

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Daily cases continue to increase in the world.


JH CSSE - 29 October, 2020 - Daily Cases



For each person still Actively iLL in the world; 2.26 persons have recovered.


World R to A ratio - 29 oct



In Belgium

Since yesterday ...

Cases increased 6.06%. Most of this increase is in Wallonia, with half of he new cases today.



Merde fixer - 29 oct




Nouveaux cas - les 3 régions - 29 oct

Deaths are increasing

Again, the increase in deaths is unevenly distributed, with a higher proportion in Wallonia.


Hospitals in Liège are now transferring some patients to Flanders and Germany.



Deaths in last 9 days - 29 oct







The total cases in the 14 towns we have been following, look like this today.


On average, a 6.84% increase in reported total cases since yesterday.



14 ville locales le 29 oct


This increase looks like this graphically, per 1000 inhabitants. Overall, a 6.8% increase.


Cas totaaux par mille habitants - 29 oct (6



More locally, here are 5 nearby cities : the last 10 days.


Cas Totaux par ville - M,Sp,St,Stou,T-P - 29 oct



And for Stavelot : reported total cases 


Cas totaux par ville - Stavelot - 10 derniers jours - 29 oct



And per 1000 inhabitants :


Stavelot - 10 derniers jours - 29 oct



The World, All of Belgium, Its 3 regions, but especially Wallonia demonstrate an increase in cases of SARS-CoV-2.


This is now equally true for the 14 nearby cities selected for follow-up.


The chain of transmission of this virus is far from being under control.


If Stavelot is now surrounded by sources of infection, seperating the city from these sources of disease would seem indicated. It has a 6.5% increase per day in cases. If nothing changes, perhaps 422 total cases in Stavelot tomorrow.


Sealing the borders of Stavelot is a key part of the Billy Plan.


How to best do that should be quickly discussed and arrived at. Would you like to volunteer for that Committee? If you worked at the entrances of Stavelot during the last Laetare, stopping those who would enter and collecting a 5€ entrance fee, your thoughts about how to do this are greatly needed.


It sounds like it is still very much time to raise the drawbridge, and carry on essential actions within Stavelot, to break the chain of transmission before cases in the city increase further.


A vaccine against the virus any time soon? Probably not.


Other nearby cities that have implemented a successful approach that could be copied in Stavelot?


None appear on the horizon that I can see. 


Drawbridge going up - 27 oct



It seems like every direction one turns today, one is surrounded by an increase in sources that can transmit this infection to those still susceptible.


Time to raise the drawbridge. If the Plan is put to use. If the Plan works. Stavelot can teach other cities how to do what it did right. 


"Do or Do Not Do. There is no Try."

- Yoda



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