The Billy Plan (Le Plan Billy) - Part 5 of the Plan - TESTING : CURRENT TESTING CRITERIA & PROCEDURE

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Criteria for who can get tested and procedures to follow are explained here.




Dans cette rubrique, vous trouverez des informations concernant le Coronavirus.


(ne sont plus à jour)


Les règles en vigueur dès le 2 novembre



Again, this separates those who should be tested, from those who actually get tested.


While this can be understood when testing is applied at a national level, for a locall level in a town like Stavelot, these criteria and procedures must be greatly simplified to be effective.





Those who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 but aymptomatic, have a viral load that is no different than those who are symptomatic. Here is yet another article published in the New England Journal of Medicine which makes the point. 


What does this mean?


Testing only patients with symptoms as is current government policy in Belgium, is a grave error.

It will lead to persistence and recurrence of this level of transmission of the virus for a very long time.

The pandemic may never end in Belgium until (and if) widespread and effective vaccination has taken place.


If current resources, materiel and personnel are currently so limited in Belgium, that generalized testing can not be implemented, it is time for the government to ask for help from countries who have managed to test widely, those who have no symptoms. Countries are willing to provide humanitarian aid such as this to countries with underdeveloped testing capabilities like Belgium is now suffering.


All one has to do is ask.



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