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The Plan


1.) The Setting


2.) Finding Motivation for Action


3.) Overview of the Billy Plan



Related material


Stavelot: Is there urgency?


The Plan must move from Idea to Action : without fear of being wrong. When responding to a viral surge, speed trumps perfection. Here's one example of how to make a start.






   2 Nov. 2020 - All Souls Day


  2 Nov. 2020 - the government tightens the screws


  1 Nov. 2020 - All Saints Day


31 Oct. 2020 - A calm Saturday, but Total Cases on the rise


30 Oct. 2020 - Bad News at Stavelot's Nursing Home


29 Oct. 2020 - Cases Still Progressing


27 Oct. 2020 - Pull up the drawbridge


26 Oct. 2020 - Know when to go fast


22 septembre, mardi


Testing :

In Ghlin (Mons) - testing makes inroads


Part 5 of the Plan - TESTING


Testing : Current Testing Criteria & Procedure

Clearly a major error not to be testing asymptomatic individuals! Here's the science.


Testing : Where Tests Are Done (an interactive Map).





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