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Thank goodness that the people of the world are no longer falling for this "mitigation strategy" scam!
Here below we see March 24, 2020.
Along with our increasing herd immunity, we have clearly obtained a significant level of herd wisdom, mental clarity and independence from the clustered devious minds of power brokers who continue to take us all for their flock of thrice vaccinated sheep !
Don't delay ! Organize today your next 'spin the bottle' party and invite your local representatives and all their staff members to attend ! Share your immunity openly and frequently !
Power to the unvaccinated !
Here below, Fortune Magazine had captured this scandalous moment in our world's history. Shameful!
Yet another example of putting people into camps, to confirm one's political power !
Camps that are today, even more cost-effective, since no train ride is involved. Brilliant !


Propaganda is like parents telling their kids that "If they don't eat their vegetables, a monster will eat them while they sleep."
Goebbels quote

Are we sure that Goebbels is dead ? Or did he emigrate to the country where Woodrow Wilson was, before him, an excellent developer of American propaganda. Read the book "Fake News" (published 1920).

You can't have a democracy, without transparency. Who is shaping your views?
"I found myself agreeing with everything you said, until I realized that you were talking about me."
- Socrates at his trial        

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