How Are The Vaccinations Going In Belgium?

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A picture is worth a thousand words.


When will everyone be vaccinated at least once?


At 8


In English if you prefer ...


At 8




Some details about the distribution of vaccines in Belgium ...



Distributions des vaccins par régions - 1 mars 2021



Population corrected vaccination rates ...


Vaccinations par région par million - 1 mars 2021



Inhabitant age and vaccination rates ...


Currently those age 18 to 44 are the winners.


Vaccinées par tranche d\\\'âge - 1 mars 2021



Gender effects ...

Wow! Look at those women go!

One can assume more Nurses and Nursing Home Aides are female, but who knows?

In Belgium's offices of the government Ministeries, more women work there as well.

In Belgium, anything is possible. We have seen that.

Well, almost anything. For this goal it tends to have two speeds: 1-slow. 2-stop.


Gender effects in vaccination - 1 March, 2021




Here is the rate of increase in vaccinations in Belgium in the 12 last days.

      • the red line: the % accomplished of the total population target
      • the green line: the incease since the first day of vaccination shown.


l\\\'Allure des vaccinations en Belgique - 1 mars 2021



Certainly not a vaccine BlitzKrieg  (Perhaps a bad choice of descriptive term. And I'm dating myself).




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