Doubling Time of COVID-19 in Belgium

Here are the data from Public Health.

We'll use their numbers to calculate doubling time for COVID-19 in Belgium.

Why would their reported numbers for total confirmed cases, not be correct?

I'll let you answer that ...


COVID-19 Double à quelle vitesse - 9 mars



Here are the resulting values ...

This uses two different methods for calculating doubling-time.

These is of course a phenomenon expressing exponential growth.

At the bottom is a calculation assuming straight line growth, which is of course, way off, as it should be.


So the answer is that confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Belgium will double exponentially every 1.014 to 1.171 days. We'll come back to some resulting numbers that that might predict ...


COVID-19 Doubling Time calc - Mar 9 - in Belgium


>>>>>>>> What do these doubling-time values imply?


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