Belgium - COVID-19 cases on 6 March

Reported at 12h33, 6 march ...


59 new cases of Covid-19 infection

Map ... March 6, 2020

FPS Public Health continues to present the case rates for the regions. But not the cities or place of origin of each case.

This means that the exact locations are impossible to place on the map. Although we will continue to update and place the map, the data summarized below is much more accurate.


Map legend




Data sources: FPS Public Health

Here is their report for today.

If you use Twitter, they are: @SanteBelgique. With this you will have their update in the form of 'Tweets'.



The last summary of March 6, which I copy here:

SPF santé publique - 6 mars 2020


Some problems :

These are all due to inconsistencies in their reporting format from day to day.


  • Sometimes they present regional cases for the day presented. Here they show the total for each region. Is it really that total this day? 65 + 12 + 31 = 108. This is certainly more than the 59 new cases. So, this day they decided to total all cases. 
  • "La plupart ..." = "Most," and is not very quantitative. If they are right to say, "We expect this number to continue to increase," presenting these as qualitative findings will certainly not help medical decision-makers to focus their attention where it is needed.  Hideous!
  • "Most ... have traveled ..." Hideous!
  • "We are also seeing contamination in our country." Exactly how many cases of contamination, please? Hideous!
  • "Most often" 'family members and people close to the patients'. And the others?  Hideous!
  • Reports from previous days have mentioned where new cases were isolated: "at home or hospital," sometimes, "at home," sometimes, "in hospital," sometimes in a "secure environment." And this day? Nothing. Radio silence. Not a word. Hideous! And what is a "secure environment"? At home? I feel safe at home. A hospital? A container with a few chairs and beds inside?


A spreadsheet, please

A spreadsheet would be so much simpler for the public and for these reports from FPS Public Health. It would remind their staff to fill in all the empty boxes every day.


And we're just starting with all of this.

Case reporting should be consistent, clear, systematic and easy to export to other applications. It just needs to get better.


Wait. Let me think. Why would this be so?

Again, they may in fact have all of these data, very well organized in their office.

Why should they be shared with the public?


What would be the use of getting all these ordinary people informed?


It begins to sound, well, ... Belgian.


But I'm really not invoking a conspiracy here. Probably just simple incompetence.


My additions to the SPF Santé publique report

Regional distribution

Prévalence Régionale - 06-03-2020




  • A total of 109 cases confirmed by this date, represents 0.00094% of the Belgian population.
  • The distribution of diseases is parallel to the distribution of the population by region.
  • It is also important to note the number of tests performed by region, to see how this test rate differs. So far, such data have not been shared with the public.


Summary data :

Résumé 6 mars 2020


Here is a useful comparison on the number of positive tests here (8.20%):


This result in Belgium of 8.20%, presented by SPF Public Health, is the highest known at present, worldwide. Beating Italy at 5.0%.  One has to wonder ...


Tests and positivity rate



The places where the cases are isolated ... also a little mysterious.

Isolé où 6 mars 2020


Where are the others?



Where are the other positive cases?

  • are they quite simply, not isolated?
  • they don't know where they went?
  • are these cases all at home?
  • we are in Belgium here. Not in China where a regime imposes draconian measures. They are wherever they want to be.
  • they are at the Café du Coin.



Who manages "secure environments" as they are being called, and where are they?

  • The government, which does not exist at the present time, but which works a little anyway?
  • Belgian Medicine through its primary care general practitioners?
  • The FPS Public Health?


Here are the number of announced new cases by date announced

Nombre de Nouveau Cas


"Où allons-nous, mes frères?"

("Where are we going, my brothers?")



We'll see tomorrow ...



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