Belgian cases of COVID-19 reported 7 March

The report from SPF Santé public (Belgium's Public Health Service) for Saturday, March 7, 2020 reads like this in French, which I'll summarize...


60 new cases, 771 tests, 40 Flanders, 5 Brussels, 15 Wallonia, 169 total confirmed cases. Most in recent travellers, but increasing numbers of locally acquired infections. Report underscores that in most cases, isolation should take place at home.


SPF Santé publique - 7 Mars

My add-ons:


Distribution régionale - 7 mars - Belgique

Slightly more cases confirmed in Flanders



Reporting methods make certain data incomplete, so inaccurate.

Résumé - 7 mars en Belgique



Total Confirmed cases looks like this :

7 mars - cas confirmés en Belgique


And new cases look like this.

Public Health's interpretation of the slowed rate of rise, is that cases from travellers to Italy are now less prevalent, and that isolation is working. 

7 mars - Nouveaux cas en Belgique


We'll be following how that evolves.


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