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I used this method for communicating since I'm new to Twitter and don't yet know all the ropes.

I write this blog in English and French for those around me where I live in Belgium.


My background: a retired General Surgeon, ICU Director and Traumatologist in the US, living in Belgium since 2001, and where things are starting to heat up.

Out of China came some information about "L" strain (earlier, younger, more aggressive) and "S" strain (a less aggressive ancestor) of COVID-19. The "S" seemed to become the more prominent strain once initial treatment and isolation responses had beat back the "L" strain a bit. (Not my info, theirs).


Q: How does that grouping into "L" and "S" fit into case reports from Italy, for example, verses here in Belgium or elsewhere where differences in virulence seem apparent? Have the findings at 'nextstrain' now made this distinction, less than useful information?
Thanks for your answer and precious time. Or if the answer should come from somewhere else, could you let me know?


Congratulations on your participation in nextstrain! Keep up the good work.

William O'Neill, MD

@coronastavelot on Twitter


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