A company in Dusseldorf - Test for COVID-19 virus



That's not too far from where I'm sitting in Belgium.

In the Walloon region where undertesting for COVID-19 seems to be the present result.


Watch this video.




They have sent 200 machines to the U.S. - awaiting FDA approval before being put to use.


Can do: "tens of thousands of tests per day." (perhaps that 's for all 200 machines. That, or this is really some machine !!).


I've got a job for them here in Belgium in the Walloon Region.



I have the name of the company, and their address:


QIAGEN Strasse 1, D-40724 Hilden, Germany


I have the 112 page manual for their Analyzer.


Now all I need is the machine. 


I'll get to work on that in the morning.



Write us at :



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