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E :  World COVID-19 data this day

Don't have much time? Then click this link and watch our summary of information presented here. At the bottom of this page, it's embedded as a video.


From Johns Hopkins CSSE


JH CSSE - April 30, 2020 at 06h32m25s




World Population (to allow calculation of world prevalence of COVID-19) :


World Population - April 30 at 07h23m05s


The above static image captures that world population increased since February 27

by 13,299,323 individuals. This is a net increase, not births. Of course it's not static. It continues to increase, even while the latest coronavirus rages around the world.




OK. You know the drill. Here are the usual images.


CSI - April 30


 Above Raw and Derived data, as PDF



Trends 1 - April 30



Trends 2 - April 30


Trends 2wk - April 30


Trends 3 - April 30

Trends 4 - April 30


Trends 4wk - April 30


OK. We got beyond all that.


Next, let's pick one graph.

One that might help us understand how things compare from one country to the next.



A-D-R April 30


A closer look ...

(click image to enlarge it)




A-D-R closeup - April 30


So the goal is to get to green. To get to those cases of COVID-19, who have now recovered.


Here's a final graphic for today:


Days of infection - April 30


Most of the green countries have lived with this thing about 3 months.

That's less than a year.

Do you remember how you spent each day in 1994? Probably not. You just did stuff each day, time passed, and at the end of the year, the ball dropped in Times Square.



So it looks like the thing that helps the most with this SARS-CoV-2 thing, is to just wait it out.

To be quietly with one's self, and stay put. While those in the world outside, continue to make the usual noise. 


Not everyone seems made for quiet waiting. 


Whenever something seems urgent, think again. 





Time to continue your list of the positives arising from all of this. Here are my entries : 

  1. Less debate and argument; more Solidarity.
  2. Reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gases.
  3. Decide to just get up and go nowhere.
  4. Time for expression: write a poem, play some music.
  5. Notice: where I live, the move towards Spring is well under way (green and growing).
  6. Moments of humor, when laughing happens spontaneously. Even when alone.
  7. Flowers from the garden, placed in a vase as a reminder of life, each time I pass. Looking closely.
  8. Greeting the deer who come down in the morning to see how we're doing and where we've been.
  9. An opportunity still exists for taking a nice warm bath. And this day, no rush.
  10. Find even small improvements in a situation, and let them grow inside of yourself, thereby helping them to grow even more outside of yourself. That those actively ill are still increasing in number worldwide is true. That this rate of increase now seems to be diminishing, (57%) is also true and to be supported by doing all that we are currently doing (social distancing and hygiene) and not doing (grouping together).
  11. Thankful for all the suppliers who make shopping for food, still possible.
  12. Very grateful to all those who have participated so far in our questionnaire, guiding our work here.
  13. A noticeble quiet in our sourroundings.
  14. Bill collectors seem much less active.
  15. There are moments of mental lucidity. For example: I had already lived through some crappy periods in my life, but I think this one takes the cake.
  16. Thankful to not have to be on the front lines as this approaches. Praying for those who are.
  17. Centering : spending more time doing things that should make a difference. Less counting.
  18. "Hope springs eternal in the human breast."
  19. Distance may separate me physically from my family. But we are constantly with each other. That can never be confined.
  20. Grateful for all those who sell and deliver items purchased online. It's still possible. (But wipe the box with Clorox before opening! (Didn't use to do that) ...
  21. An increase in the numbers of moments of absolute silence.
  22. Math can be tedious. A times very revealing. And that's a positive.
  23. Sleeping. Solid as a rock.
  24. There seems to be an increased ability to listen. To others, but also to oneself.
  25. Land mines do not usually go off by themselves. You have to step on them. Stay isolated !
  26. Essential items are recognized more easily.
  27. Imagine if one day somebody appears and says: "You know, all this confinement stuff was not really necessary. All you had to do was ... " Couldn't you just punch a guy like that in the face?
  28. Returning to things ignored for too long (working in the quiet and smells of the greenhouse).
  29. Identifying more clearly, one's limits of patience.
  30. Actually comforted by being able to get away from crowds.
  31. Turning correct conclusions into correct action, and sometimes, correct non-action.
  32. Being able to identify the lemmings more clearly by their self-interests.
  33. "The brave men who fought here, have consecrated it far beyond our poor power to add or detract."
  34. It took distancing, to help us find more closeness to others. More similarities. Fewer differences.
  35. Much more time to rediscover things set aside long ago. (Example: The Beatle's White Album).
  36. Very grateful for indoor plumbing.
  37. Ease up. Taking a day off doesn't mean the world won't be there tomorrow.
  38. Some days, anxiety will creep up on you. When things are getting raw, it's that. Recognize it. And take that decision you've been putting off. Turn it into action. 
  39. Saying less. Listening more. Being more selective in one's listening. Tuning out noise.




Take a breath. Take another.

Then close you eyes and listen to what Frederick Chopin has to say about all of this.


Eventually, it's going to be OK.








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