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Let's just drown you in data. OK?



From Johns Hopkins CSSE

First, showing deaths

JH CSSE - May 26, 2020 at 06h32m28s (CFR)



And here, showing those who have Recovered around the world.

JH CSSE - May 26, 2020 at 06h32m28s (Recovered)



World Population (mustn't forget that) :


World Population - May 26, 2020 at 07h22m29s



Our CoronaStavelot Index which you are now expert in.

Values February 27 in pink, today's in yellow, interval changes in blue.


CSI - MAy 26 at 07h22m29s


a copy in PDF


Some Trends.

Let's pick this one ...

Change in total cases and Actively ill over 2 months

Deaths and Recovered are tiny blips at the bottom but we'll have a closer look.

Notice how the skinny red columns are now crossing the green and turning downwards.

The green will just keep going up, reach a plateau, but never turn down since they represent cumulated cases. 


Trends 2 mo - May 26, 2020




Trends 2 today - May 26, 2020

Again, these are changes in values since Feb 27. So the green bar of cases will just keep going up as they are collected around the world.

The red bar of those actively ill should slowly decrease in size as results return to levels at end of February.

The blue bar of change in death rates should stay small.

The nearly invisibe yellow bar of Recovered (now a positive value at 1.4%, finally) should grow over time.



The Actively ill in the World.

  • still increasing
  • increasing faster than this curve predicts by 2%
  • nevertheless increasing at a slightly slower rate around the world when all cases are lumped together
  • tomorrow, should be a bit above 2 865 118 people actively ill with COVID-19

Change in the Actively iLL - May 26, 2020





Like this ...

Trends 4 CFR 90 days - May 26, 2020

And this ...


Trends 4 CFR 30 days - May 26, 2020

And this ...


... which says that the rate of deaths is diminishing when compared with that rate February 27.

WOrld events. Maybe different where you are.


Trends 4 CFR 8 days - May 26, 2020


And this ...

for today.

It informs that today, 346,269 deaths due to COVID-19 were presented at JH CSSE.

It informs that the change in death rate is 84.8% of what it was February 27 around the world.

Trends 4 Change in Death rate and Total Deaths - May 26, 2020


Let's compare some countries

27 that we've been following since February.

(can you imagine actually doing that instead of just taking a bath or something?)


Prevalence, ranked

In what follows, the countries are sorted by the column highlighted in yellow.

Where we're located is usually numbered by distance from the top.


Prevalence, ranked - May 26, 2020





Actively iLL per million inhabitants - May 26, 2020



Again, all values here are based on JH CSSE presented data this day. Lots of people argue the results. Mostly those from countries at the top of the list.


Deaths, ranked - May 26


Same data, different way of presenting it ...

% of Confirmed cases who died (CFR) - May 26


Those Recovered, but here sorted by days of infection in each country.

Might address the question: "With each day of SARS-CoV-2 infection lived by a country, how successful have they been at getting to Recovered patients?" If you click on it, it might be a little easier to read.


% Recovered per day of infection - May 26, 2020



This puts together for each country, Actively ill, Deaths, Recovered as % of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Our little A-D-R report in one graphic. Wow!

% A-D-R by country for 27 countries - May 26, 2020


If comparing outcomes from COVID-19 is of interest ...


Let's look at how much Active illness is still presnt, for each Recovered patient.


Starting with the not so good ...

High A to R countries

Medium amounts of success ...


Medium A to R countries - May 26


Low A:R countries. Pretty darn good. They have less than 1 person still actively ill for each recovered person.

Low A to R countries - May 26, 2020

The champions, among this sample of 27 countries.


Lowest A to R countries - May 26, 2020

Are things goinf in the right direction to get to more Recovered patients?

We think so. 

But still a row to hoe.


Here's the A:R ratio in red.

Trends 5 - A to R ratio - May 26


Or if you prefer to see the glass half full...


The Recovered : Actively ill ratio rising up towards the right.

Today's numbers for Recovered (blue line) and Actively ill (red line) are given in teeny tiny numbers.

But very important ...

Notice that for 1 Actively ill person we only have 0.785 recovered. Weird but true. Hopefully will be better over the next 10 days. Come back to see.



Trends 6 - R to A ratio - 1 wk - May 26



Copy whatever items you want and distribute freely.


As you look at the situation around you where you are, always try to put it in this larger perspective of the world's COVID-19 situation.


And have a nice day.  We will make it through.


Yesterday in Belgium (in French) >>>>>>


Today's results in Belgium, 26 May, 2020 >>>>


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